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Episode list

1:Rendezvous With Yesterday

2:One Way To The Moon

3:End Of The World

4:The Day The Sky Fell In

5:The Last Patrol

6:Crack Of The Dome

7:Revenge Of The Gods


9:Devil's Island

10:Reign Of Terror

11:Secret Weapon

12:The Death Trap

13:The Alamo

14:Night Of The Long Knives


16:The Revenge Of Robin Hood

17:Kill Two By Two

18:Visitors From Beyond The Stars

19:The Gohst Of Nero

20:The Walls Of Jericho

21:Idol Of Death

22:Billy The Kid

23:Pirates Of Deadman's Island

24:Chase Through Time

25:The death Merchant

26:Attack Of The Barbarians

27:MerlinThe Magician

28:The Kidnappers

29:Raiders From Outer Space

30:Town Of Terror

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